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Incredible Facts on Pain Management Clinics

Recent facts show that there are 50 million Americans live in chronic pain living a full and active life may look like an impossible dream but due to the presence of pain management clinics the pain can be alleviated. It is good tp note that a pain management clinic is a health care facility that specializes in the management and diagnosis of chronic pain and there are some clinics that specialize in particular diagnoses or in pain related to a particular part of the body and they often use multidisciplinary approach to aid people to have an active role in helping to alleviate the pain and regain control of their life.

It is good to note that pain clinics differ in their specializations and offerings but many of them involve a team of healthcare providers that can aid to help with many strategies to manage the pain and the healthcare team includes doctors that have various specialists and non-physicians specializing in the diagnosis and management of chronic pain. Such specialists include physical therapists, psychologists, complementary and alternative therapists like massage therapists or acupuncturists and they all form part of the pain management plan for the patient.

In a pain management clinic the therapy plan will be formulated to meet the unique needs, preferences and circumstances and depending on the cause of the pain the treatments vary between one or more alternatives. Medication is one of those alternatives and in many cases patients are prescribed medication before receiving other kinds of therapy which may include non-aspiring pain relievers which relieve minor pain and they are sometimes combined with other medications to offer a greater pain relief and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs which are only available by prescription or over the counter and they are used to treat inflammation and pain. Corticosteroids are another type of medication that is available only by a prescription and are used to treat severe inflammatory conditions and then there are opioid drugs that are morphine-like medications that are prescribed for a short while to manage acute pain or for cancer pain and other chronic non-cancer pain. Though anti-depressants were initially designed to treat depression; such drugs can be useful in relieving certain types of pain but antidepressants can also promote sleep.

In most instances medications are not enough to treat chronic pain and other treatments may be more effective than medications and some medications can be more efficient if they are combined with other treatments to make the pain management so efficient. It is a known fact that injections are one of the ways that are non-medical and local anesthetics at times coupled with a corticosteroid can be injected around the nerve roots or directly into the muscles and joints to relieve swelling, irritation and muscle spasms whereas nerve blocks can be used to block the pain in that area especially if the area has a group of nerves like a ganglion or plexus.

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